Acne Treatment in Montreal, QC

Welcome to ML Aesthetic skincare Clinic, where radiant and healthy skin is pursued with scientific expertise, personalized care, and a commitment to excellence. Our Acne treatment in Montreal, QC, offers various solutions that help our patients achieve their skincare goals.

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Our Advanced Acne Treatments in Montreal, QC

We offer several advanced acne treatments that are safe and effective on all ethnicities. Our state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge technology allow us to provide our patients with top-notch services to help them achieve their desired results.

Types of Acne We Treat at ML Aesthetic Clinic Montreal

Comedonal Acne: We treat comedonal acne through a combination of protocols

Inflammatory Acne: Our team of aestheticians specialized in Acne uses a completely holistic approach to help you undersand what triggers your inflammed acne and how to control it.

Cystic Acne: It is hard to treat cystic acne and requires a combination of treatments. We use topical products, nutrition program, lifestyle recomendations to educate our clients and help you prevent new breakouts.

Hormonal Acne: We may recommend some supplements and topical agents to reduce the effects of overactive hormones on sebaceous glands.This will help you control your hormonal Acne.

Acne Scars: Our acne skin treatment experts in Montreal offer dermabrasion, laser resurfacing, and chemical peels for all skin types and tone, especially dark ones to help you improve the appearance of your acne scars.

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The different Acne Treatment ML Aesthetic Clinic Has to Offer You 

Backne Treatment - Goodbye to Back Acne 

Our Bacne (back acne) treatment is designed to tackle those stubborn acne breakouts that often affect the back and shoulders.

Our skilled medical aesthetician in Montreal assesses your skin to determine the severity and underlying causes. We create a customized treatment plan, including topical medications, chemical peels, and laser therapies. We use the safest and most effective treatments to reduce inflammation, clear away existing breakouts, and prevent future ones.

Your Acne Bootcamp - Your Skin Transformation Journey 

Is your acne frequent and bothersome? We have the perfect treatment plan for you.
Our acne bootcamp in Montreal is a personalized 4-month program that includes bi weekly or montly facial treatments, a nutrition guide to educate you on the right diet to have to prevent acne from forming, a lifestyle guide to educate you on the day to day to day things that you must be doing to maintain healthy skin, and a complete skincare routine to continue the treatment at home and boost the clinic sessions.

During this program you will understand what is triggering your acne, how to control it and how to treat it from the inside out. And acne specialist will guide you tru it during 4 months.

Laser Genesis Treatment at ML Aesthetic Clinic

Redefining Skin Perfection

Try Laser Genesis in Montreal, a non-invasive laser treatment that reduces inflammation and redness caused by acne breakouts. We use advanced medical lasers to heat the skin below its surface, stimulating collagen production for firmer skin with improved tone and texture. The process is comfortable and requires minimal downtime, making it an ideal option for those with busy lifestyles. It's a versatile solution that effectively minimizes redness, shrinks enlarged pores, and diminishes the appearance of new breakouts and acne scars.

Advanced Acne Peel - Rejuvenate Your Skin

At ML Aesthetic clinic, we offer a powerful acne peel specifically designed to address stubborn acne breakouts.

Our specialized peel targets acne scars, uneven texture, and hyperpigmentation with potent ingredients. Our aestheticians analyze your skin to determine the ideal peel strength and formulation for your concerns.

The peel exfoliates the skin, promoting cell turnover and collagen production. It helps you reduce scars and blemishes, revealing a brighter, smoother complexion. Over time, it improves tone and texture, boosting self-confidence.

Aviclear - Your ultimate solution to clear Acne in Montreal

You have been struggling with acne ? you have tried skin treatments, antibitotic, chemical peels, accutane and you still have acne ? You want to stop birth control or spirolactone and still enjoy clear skin ? We have the solution for you !

Aviclear is the first and only laser that has been FDA cleared and Health Canada approved for the treatment of mild moderate and severe acne in all skin type and colour. This treatment is only 3 sessions of 30 minutes and treat acne by targeting the heart and soul of Acne witch is the sebaceous glands. This treatment reduce the size of the sebaceous glands this is why your skin cannot produce as much oil to clogged your pores. Its considered an Accutane alternative with no side effects, no downtime and with long term results.

Intense Pulse Light  ( IPL ) Treatment at ML Aesthetic Clinic

Redefining Skin Perfection

The pulsed light (IPL), is a technique used for aesthetic and therapeutical purposes. It use light under different spectrums and wave lengths. The IPL will release a wave length that will destroy and limit the bacteria responsible for the acne (Propionibacterium Acnes), will regularize the blood flow, regenerate the skin and fight against inflammation.This type of treatment is particularly designed for people with delicate and irritated skin, usually due to other methods of acne treatment. It is also designed specifically for people who can’t or don’t want to take oral antibiotics against acne.

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