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Introducing our new brightening cleanser, specifically formulated to target dark spots and uneven skin tone. Our Spotless brightening Foam is packed with powerful ingredients to help brighten and even out your skin, leaving it looking and feeling its best. The Spotless brightening foam is perfect for those who suffer from dark spots on their skin, and are looking for an effective solution to improve their skin's appearance.

If you're looking for a cleanser that can help improve the appearance of dark spots on your skin, look no further than our Spotless Brightening foam. With our powerful blend of ingredients and specially designed formula, you can finally achieve the bright, even skin you deserve.



− For everyday face cleansing

− For all skin types in particular mature and/or oily skin


TEXTURE: Foaming Liquid


DESCRIPTION: A foaming cleanser ideal for gently cleansing and purifying the skin. Enriched with AHA’s and citrus extracts, this purifying formula visibly reduces imperfections and removes excess sebum. Provides a superficial exfoliation to visibly improve the texture of the skin. As a result, the complexion appears healthier and more unified.



− Antibacterial cleanser

− Deeply cleanses pores

− Eliminates dead cells

− Promotes facial exfoliation

− Reveals a new layer of skin



− The skin is perfectly clean and appears visibly smoother

− The appearance of pores is improved

− Skin texture appears visibly refined

− The complexion appears immediately illuminated and radiant


DIRECTIONS: Apply Foaming Cleanser on previously dampened face and neck. Lather and rinse with warm water. Repeat if necessary. Avoid contact with the eyes. For external use only.



Lemon and Grapefruit Fruit Extracts

− Antimicrobial cleansers

− Tonifying and stimulants

− Help reveal a new layer of skin

− Purifying, this complex helps to cover imperfections


Complex of Lime Bark, Geranium and Ho Wood Essential Oils

− Lime Bark Essential Oil helps tonify and revitalize skin, tighten pores and absorb excess oil, leaving a fresh, powerful scent with tangy notes

− Soothing Essential Oils of Geranium and Ho Wood help to relax and bring a sense of harmony to body and mind


Mandelic Acid

− Derived from bitter almond

− Antibacterial cleanser

− Helps control oil / sebum

− Participates in revealing a new layer of the skin (keratolytic action)

− Helps to bright the skin (whitening properties)

− Non-irritating and very well tolerated by sensitive skin


Glycolic Acid

− Derived from sugar cane

− Excellent absorbent, exfoliating properties

− Scrub (promotes the dissolution of the intercorneocyte cement)

− Helps to even and brighten the complexion

− Tonifying, it helps to firm the skin


Lactic Acid

− pH adjuster, it helps regulate skin balance and stimulate skin microbiota

− Helps to eliminate dead skin cells and reveal a new layer of skin

− Helps to improve the appearance of scars caused by acne


Rose Flower Water

− Astringent, it helps to tighten the pores

− Refreshing, it helps to give firmness to the skin

− Soothing, it helps relieve redness and itching


Decyl Glucoside

− Non-anionic surfactant derived from natural glucose

− Foaming agent and mild cleanser that does not dry the skin

− Respects the moisture barrier of the skin

− Excellent cutaneous tolerance

- Biodegradable