Ice Roller Massager for Face Cooling Therapy

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❄️Reduce Puffiness Under Your Eyes - Our specially designed roller covers the entire eye, while giving you cool treatments at optimal temperatures. Its rounded shape prevents your sensitive inner eye from receiving too much pressure.

❄️A Lifted Effect and Refreshes - Reduces swelling and cools the eye area to give you a fresh feeling sensation. Project E Beauty Ice Roller features a flowing and streamlined design best fit for neck and facial contour lines replicate deep kneading actions. Helps firm and tighten skin for radiance.

❄️Tighten your Pores - Roll on skin after moisturizer to improve the appearance of pores, smooth texture, and brighten skin. Tone and texture are improved, fine lines and wrinkles seem to vanish.

❄️Calm your skin redness and inflammation - Effectively accelerate microcirculation on treatment area to clam your skin, reduce redness, fight puffy, fatigue, dry eyes, dark circles, early fine lines.

❄️Say Goodbye to fatigue - Massage on your eye and temple to relax and relieve fatigue. Detox massage could help to release muscle tensions to prevent early fine lines.