Teami Matcha Green Tea Powder - with Real Mango - Ceremonial Grade USDA Organic 30g (1oz) Tin

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UNLIKE OTHER MATCHA POWDER THAT tastes bitter or dirt-like, and just needs to be thrown away, Teami Japanese CEREMONIAL MATCHA green tea powder is shade grown and hand picked, using only the youngest tea leaves, with all the stems and veins removed. THIS PRODUCES A GREAT TASTING, smooth, robust, full-bodied, and SLIGHTLY SWEET flavor that GOES FANTASTIC WITH any preparation you can think up.

CLEAN ENERGY BETTER THAN coffee for that MORNING ENERGY pick-me-up, and NO CRASH or jitters. Japanese matcha green tea powder CONTAINS L-THEANINE, an amino acid that causes your body to PROCESS CAFFEINE DIFFERENTLY than that in coffee, which results in a CALM ALERTNESS and no crash. USE IN traditional ceremonial preparation or make a delicious goodie like a LATTE, SMOOTHIE, or Baking Recipe!

CULTIVATED IN JAPAN WHERE the art of farming matcha has been refined and perfected for centuries, and where the soil it's gown in produces the BEST FLAVOR and texture available in the world. THE RESULT IS that overall HEALTHY feeling you get from drinking high-quality green tea matcha powder. 100% USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC matcha green tea powder, All-Natural green tea matcha. VEGAN and GLUTEN FREE. *Grown and Produced in Japan, packaged and distributed from Hong Kong.