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Leïla Morisset, started her career as a certified makeup artist. After five years of dedication in makeup artistry, working at Sephora and for many leader brands in the industry, she felt the desire to give her clients and herself a more permanent sense of confidence than makeup could offer.

Having suffered from Acne with a lot of dark spots, Leila wanted to help clients just like her to fix their skin issues instead of always covering them with makeup. Once introduced to medical aesthetics, she dedicated herself to the avenue, determined to offer man and women long-term and non-surgical solutions to their skin problems. She completed a health, assistance and Nursing program in 2018 and specialized in Medical aesthetics by 2019.

Leïla is now a certified Medical aesthetician, specialized in hormonal imbalances and Acne. She's a proud member of the Canadian board of aesthetic medicine and the founder of ML Aesthetic Clinic and ML Skincare .

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You have been struggling with acne and dark spots ?

You want to go out without makeup on and feel confident ?

You have been looking for an expert who understands the needs of your skin ?

We have the solution for you !


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Leila's Before And After 

Before & After Acne Bootcamp

About ML Aesthetic Clinic  

    ML Aesthetic services 

ML Aesthetic Clinic is a skincare clinic that offers medical-grade treatments for any skin condition. They specialized in Acne and dark spots for all skin type and colour. Their medical team shows great devotion to every client, offering them an attentive ear and optimal service. They work passionately towards fulfilling any beauty needs and proudly guarantee your satisfaction.

Their Mission

Holistically treating skin imperfections from inside out, by understanding the root cause of them and guide you to achieve the best results.

Their Approach

They approach your skin concerns in a 360 angle by offering the appropriate facial to treat your skin concerns, then provide you the proper skincare routine to use at home along with a nutrition guide and a lifestyle guide to address all the aspects of your body that affect the health of your skin; witch is the only way you can really have clear skin and maintain it.

Our Promise

Guide you to get clear skin and maintain clear skin ! We help understand what is triggering your skin condition, how to control it and how to treat it from the inside out.

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ML Skincare 

While trying to heal her acne Leila realized that on the market their was very few skincare products for acne that didn't have pore cloggers ingredients in them, so she conducted studies on formulating a skincare line a long with a group of dermatologist, pharmacist and chimist. ML is now happy to Introduce their skincare brand , specially formulated for individuals with acne-prone skin.

Our brand is dedicated to providing natural-based products that are free from pore-clogging ingredients. Our ingredients are carefully selected to target acne and prevent future breakouts, while also nourishing and hydrating the skin. We use the power of nature to deliver effective results.

Our products are non-comedogenic, non pore clogging, and are gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin.

Trust us to help you achieve clear, healthy-looking skin with our natural-based skincare line.

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