Me Line Dark Circles Solution

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Dark circles and periocular pigmentation remover.

Combat pigmentation around the eyes after in-clinic ME LINE treatment with ME LINE Dark Circles, now available at ML Aesthetic and Online Shop. 

This innovative roll-on eye product is an essential step to complement and optimise the effects after the in-clinic 01 ME LINE Dark Circles treatment, which combines active ingredient such as Lactic Acid, Phytic Acid, Vitamin A and Vitamin C to reduce skin darkening in the periorbital area. 

This home-use product should be used in the morning and evening using the innovative roll-on applicator to form a layer and leave to dry.

ME LINE Dark Circles is formulated with active ingredients including Kojic Acid, Gingko Biloba Extract, Tranexamic Acid and Lactobionic Acid, which work to improve the appearance of dark circles, reduce melanin deposits and stimulate cell division to visibly reduce signs of photoageing.

Benefits of ME LINE Dark Circles:

  • Maximise results from in-clinic 01 ME LINE Dark Circles treatment
  • Formulated with Kojic Acid, Gingko Biloba Extract, Tranexamic Acid & Lactobionic Acid
  • Improves the appearance of dark circles
  • Reduces melanin deposits
  • Visibly reduces signs of photoageing
  • Innovative roll-on applicator

How to use:

Apply in the mornings and nights with a roll-on forming a layer on the periorbital region and leave to dry.

Use ME LINE Dark Circles for at least 30 days, starting the 2nd day after having the in-clinic 01 ME LINE Dark Circles treatment.

Size: 10ml