Clear skin boot camp advanced acne and dark spots treatment in montreal by Ml aesthetic medicine

Clear Skin Boot Camp the ultimate solution for better skin

Are you suffering from acne ? ML aesthetics has the perfect solution for you. With the Acne bootcamp, transform your skin in 4 months !


What exactly is the Acne Bootcamp? 

The Bootcamp is a package deal including sessions of our best-selling treatments at a friendly price. For only $1200 get 4 to 6 sessions of the Advanced acne treatment, the Advanced lightning treatment or a combination of both. Book a free consultation and find out the best combination for your skin.

For mild and superficial issues, our aesthetician recommends getting a professional facial treatment once every month.

For issues such as moderate to severe acne and dark spots of all kind, the treatment can be done in an interval of 2 weeks to improve the follow up and the efficiency of the the treatment.

For severe cases of acne or hyperpigmentation, the follow up process is vital. Indeed, the medical ingredients must get through the skin cells every step of their formation. Therefore, the concentration of acid is adjusted to remain the same throughout the process and completely eradicate the skin condition. For those of you who struggle with severe acne or acne scars related to previous acne, our Advanced acne treatment is the answer. Our boot camp offers you 4 to 6 sessions for only 1200$ as opposed to 230$ the individual session, it includes a the complete skincare routine, lifestyle and nutrition recommendation to get clear and maintain your results.

The advanced acne treatment is for people who have acne-prone skin and seborrheic skin. Our Advanced acne treatment deep cleanses blocked pores, removes impurities, improves skin texture and prevents acne outbreaks.


First, an ultra-concentrated descaling gel peel with predominantly keratolytic and antimicrobial properties is applied to your skin. This mask deep cleanses your pores, ridding them of impurities. It contains a unique combination of active substances, which work together to remove excess oil and bacteria, reduce inflammation and exfoliate.

 Following this peel, your therapist applies a neutralizing spray to soften the acne multifactor mask, balancing and soothing the skin with gentle Aloe Vera. The microfiber mask is put on to enhance the cell renewal process and increase the skin’s moisture levels.


 Finally, the Pore sealing shield, a gel that acts as a protective shield to prolong and maintain the effects of the active ingredients of the treatment, soothes and tightens the pores..

Our Advanced Lightning peel contains optimal medical ingredients to remove the outermost layer of the skin and eliminate dead skin cells. Following this procedure, the healing process generates new tissue; as the dead skin peels off, the regenerated skin is uncovered, naturally smoother and radiant. This treatment will even your skin-tone, eliminate the dark spots and leave your skin glowing. 


No matter your needs, you can completely transform your skin! Forget the short term fixes and take advantage of our promotional Acne bootcamp!


Book your free consultation now and meet one of our Acne specialists for a skin analysis and a treatment designed for you!

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