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Utilize this tracker to verify the safety of your products for your skin.


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Struggling with acne-prone skin? Remember: “natural” and “organic” don't always mean acne-safe. Organic coconut oil will just give you organic pimples. To help you maintain clear skin, we created a pore-clogging checker to scan for problematic ingredients in all hair, makeup, lotions, and facial products. Simply visit the websites for all of your products, copy the Full ingredient list of each product and paste into the checker below.

Ingredient Safety Checker

If your skin is susceptible to acne, it's crucial to scrutinize every skincare or haircare product for comedogenic or pore-clogging ingredients before application. Despite labels claiming "noncomedogenic," "oil-free," or "won't clog pores," these assurances don't guarantee the product's safety for your skin. The absence of regulatory oversight means skincare companies can market their products as beneficial for clear skin, even if they contain ingredients known to obstruct pores. Therefore, always review the ingredient list of any product intended for use on your face or hair to ensure its suitability and safety.

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